"Aqua P" Build - Part II

“Aqua P” Build – Part II

Now that the body cap is jointed the mahogany body is routed to shape and the pickup control routs and channels for the controls are cut using the templates before the cap is cut to size and glued to the body.

Body jig

The template can be used to rout from both sides of the body  as the main rout has to go right through the mahogany block. I us a pin to locate the template on the face side into the neck block are. That will be routed away later. On the reverse face I use double sided tap and moveable clamps.

Body and cap bonding

Once the routs are cut the maple cap gets cut to the same template and glued to the body.

Body cap and rough neck

The final picture shows the body with the neck pocket roughed out and the neck blank cut to rough size and the truss rod channel cut.