"Aqua P" Build - Part III

“Aqua P” Build – Part III

Next step is to cut the mortice and the tenon on the neck pocket and neck. This is cut horizontal to the top for now and shallow as the neck pitch and final fitting will be done later. For now it’s cut off a jig just to set the shape and fit..

Neck Pocket

The next job is to start carving the top to establish the arch and the carved shape. Before that can be done I need to establish the neck angle and the pickup plane. These are two fixed flat areas on the body that dictate the geometry and also where the carving will go. I do this with router sled and some angled rails…

Neck Pocket Jig

The neck angle plain is 4.4 degrees…

Neck pocket Jig 2

The neck pocket then gets the same angle cut to the bottom of the pocket and to a depth that allows the neck to sit flush with the top. The neck will now ptch at that angle when finally fitted..

Neck Pocket jig 4

A small detail at this point is that the neck pickup is at a slightly different angle to the top than the neck pitch. This angle cut next.