“Aqua P” Build – Part VII

“Aqua P” Build – Part VII

Binding an archtop body presents a few challenges. The curved nature of the arch dictates that a router can not be used off the top edge of the body as the router will not run perpendicular to the edge. To rout the binding channel a jig that keeps the router in a true horizontal and perpendicular plane is used.

Binding channel jig


The router is set to cut a binding channel 6mm x 1.5 mm..

Binding channel jig 2


The binding channel is cut and a test fit is all thats needed to check that the binding sits in perfectly.



The binding is then pre-shaped and glued into place.


Binding 2


Binding done 2

With the neck sitting in the pocket this is begging to look like a guitar..

Binding done 3