“Aqua P” Build – Part IX

“Aqua P” Build – Part IX

Often the sprayed sunburst finish found on many factory instruments can lack finesse and the transition from one shade to another be too hard or heavy. The best sunburst finishes are nearly always those that are rubbed by hand rather than spraying.

The aim here is to achieve a three colour burst that looks natural and not too over bearing. A good sunburst should draw the eye across the body evenly without distraction.

I always start by taking some scrap wood from the piece to be worked on and test out various mixes and dye to that.

Honey burst 1

I’m using spirit alanine dyes as I find that they are both brighter and more colour fast than other stains and dye. First step is to dilute each colour with spirit and blend the colours until I reach the three colours I am after. In this case a quite vivid yellow as the ground colour and a honey brown and an orange brown which will form the burst. These will be laid on to the yellow ground colour and worked in to a gradual burst.

Honey burst 2

Once I am happy with the test mix and the colours appear to blend with each other to give a natural transition I will turn to the instrument and begin rubbing the burst.

Honey burst 3