Quick Ukulele Build - Introduction.

Quick Ukulele Build – Introduction.

finisheduke1Essentially a stringed instrument in it’s simplest form is just a box and a neck with a number of strings at tension held over them. Everything else is more or less embellishment or added to achieve some function or other.  Perhaps the simplest example would be the humble Uke. These instruments have been popular for decades and are enjoying something of a resurgence in recent years. Despite it’s apparent humble design it would be a mistake to consider it any less of an instrument than its more developed and engineered siblings in the guitar family.


In this series of posts I will cover the building of a basic Ukulele that has proven to provide an excellent playing and sounding instrument.

Built with a string length of 16.5″ inches this ukelele would fall into the “concert” category falling somewhere between soprano and tenor. It would be a simple matter of scaling the body to achieve a string length of 15 inch for a soprano ukelele or to 17 inch and above for the tenor ukelele.