Quick Uke Build - Part I

Quick Uke Build – Part I

I have always preferred working with an inside mold or former when building acoustic instruments. The first task here is to make a mold or the body that the ribs or sides can be formed around and also that holds the neck and end blocks.



This is just two pieces of mdf cut to the inside outline of the ukulele with a spacer that separates them to give the correct depth. The end blocks and neck block are also recessed into the mold so the ribs can be glued onto them while still on the mold. The ribs or sides are English Walnut as is the back.




The ribs are thickness to 1.5mm and the back to 2mm.




The back is jointed by hand on a shooting board and the joint is glued and held together with wedges until it’s dry.




The outline is then rough cut on a bandsaw.




Next I can start bending the sides.