Quick Uke Build - Part III

Quick Uke Build – Part III

The back is braced with Spruce braces in much the same way as an acoustic guitar and the linings are also made from spruce which is thicknessed to 2mm and bent to fit inside the assembled ribs.

First the spruce is ripped to size on the bandsaw




The linings are bent to shape and glued into the ribs. The mold can be separated at this point leaving just the bottom half in place.




The back braces are then cut to fit inside the linings when the back is glued in place.




The ribs and blocks are then shaped to give a maximum depth of body under the bridge wit a fall of 3 mm to the end block and 4mm to the neck block. At this point the back can be glued onto the ribs and linings.




The curve on the back can be seen clearly and adds both strength and atheistically.