"Aqua P" Build - Part IV

“Aqua P” Build – Part IV

The pickup plain is at 1.3 degrees and runs from the end of the neck to the bridge line. Not a very steep angle but important to get the pickups at the optimum position under the strings…

Pickup Plane.jpg
pickup plane 2.jpg

Now that the neck pocket and cap are cut to the same angle and the pickup plane is set at 1.3 degrees the rough carving of the arch can begin.

Arch carving

A good start point is to use a drill press set to a specific depth that corresponds to a series of points on the arch. By setting these isolines with small holes the carving can progress rapidly to form the rough arch.

Arch carving 2

The area marked in pencil the picture above is the pickup plane and will remain largely flat. The arch flows away from this and into a recurve around the edge of the body.

Arch carving 3

Final carving of the arch is done with thumb planes and scrapers until a smooth and pleasing arch is achieved.

Arch carving 4

Attention can now be given to the fingerboard and neck.