“Aqua P” Build – Part VI

“Aqua P” Build – Part VI

When the rough profile is done I move on to fretting the board… I dislike fat frets so I’m putting a standard height 2mm wire on this. I also dislike binding nibs which is why I bind and then cut the fret tang over the binding. I always fret these by hand as each fret needs to be cut precisely to get them seated right and I bang them home with a plastic tipped hammer with tape on to stop chattering and bouncing.


You will notice that the pickup routs have been done on the body. I do these once the final fitting of the neck pocket is completed so that any slight adjustment can be made to the position of the neck pickup can be accommodated. All was perfect on this one and things fell into place as planed.

Fretting 2

Next job now that the guitar is coming together is to move onto the binding of the body.